AV Policy 3.0: Analysis of Comments from the National Society of Professional Engineers

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) submitted critical comments about the Department of Transportation’s Automated Vehicle Policy 3.0.  The 2018 comments from NSPE echo, in many respects, the comments NSPE provided to the Department of Transportation (DOT) about Automated Vehicle Policy 2.0 in 2017.  NSPE is concerned that the DOT is not prioritizing public…

AV Policy 3.0: Analysis of Initial Comments about Automated Trucking

In my post entitled, U.S. Department of Transportation Automated Vehicle Policy 3.0, I analyzed the Department of Transportation’s Automated Vehicle Policy 3.0.  In this post, I analyze initial comments concerning automated trucking (semis and tractor-trailers) that the Department of Transportation has received about AV Policy 3.0. The Comments Commentators have expressed numerous concern about automated…

Talk: Panel Discussion on Automated Vehicles

In this video, I was a co-panelist with Ed Bradley, the Program Manager for Toyota North America, and Koorosh Olyai, Senior Principal, Advanced Transportation Management Systems for Stantec.  We discussed, among other topics, ethical programming of automated vehicles, expected introduction of automated vehicles, rural deployment of automated vehicles, and programming of automated vehicles.

Talk: Sue My Car Not Me: A Discussion of Civil Liability for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

This video is a presentation I gave at the Alaska Forum on Autonomous Vehicles in Anchorage, Alaska.  In this presentation, I explain civil liability rules and why many people believe that liability for crashes will shift from the traditional driver to the automated vehicle.  I also discuss the Uber crash that killed Elaine Herzberg and…

The Fatal Flaw of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Imagine that you own a semi-autonomous vehicle.  You purchased the vehicle months ago and each time you put the vehicle into autopilot mode, the vehicle drives safely.  Your semi-autonomous vehicle’s ability to drive safely and (perhaps) better than you has made you over-reliant on and have overconfidence in the technology’s ability, causing you to have automation bias.  Thus, today you decide that on your morning commute you will read a book while your vehicle makes the same drive on the highway.   Today, however, your semi-autonomous vehicle encounters a firetruck parked on the highway while traveling at 65 miles per hour.  Your semi-autonomous vehicle fails to see the firetruck and smashes into the back of the firetruck.  You may have to imagine this situation happening to you, but an unlucky owner of a Tesla Model S did not have to imagine this situation when his Tesla smashed into a firetruck last week in California.